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XoBrooklynne – Intro Lyrics

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XoBrooklynne – Intro Lyrics

Have you ever had a piece of my crown
Do kings hit your line and offer you that fake kind of love
Today and today only
You can get XoBrooklynne exclusive diamond encrusted jewel embusted crown
Just for nineteen ninety-five plus shipping and handling
No costing gold or diamonds for you
Come get your man
Buss it down for a real one
You have others sounding jealous now that’s sweet
Either way you know they will never get a piece
With my crown there will be no damsel in distress here
Be the queen and the king at the same time
Or whatever you want to be
So much that they will always like a POV, try to get you canceled
Now come and get a handful
Looks like you got your hands full
Just go to my crown dot XYZ for more information and to buy your crown now while supplies last
That’s my crown dot XYZ
Yes, because we couldn’t buy dot com
Thanks besties

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