– The Killing Womb Lyrics – The Killing Womb Lyrics

They find power
In pawns
The fawns power
Is pawned
They find power
In pawns
The fawns power
Now responds
Pennies in the shit well
Pick em up
Rinse em off with your piss
And say “you’re safer with us”
Penetrate the machine
And pull out when they rust
If you understand, strap in
If not, shut this off

It’s warmer in the wide world we boarded up
Get lost
Get found
Get fucked
Welcome home
The party’s dead
And you are the host
Stunted growth,
Hang up your skin on the bed post
Down the hall from the vanity
A blueprint grows in the grain
Throw your bids in on the property
You will never breach


Take cover
There is a killer inside this place
Your only friend is the floorboards face
We’re all born to wander the seven seas of our staged relations
The exit sign for 8 billion entrants
There is an end