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Vatican – Miracle of the Moon Lyrics

Lyrics Miracle of the Moon – Vatican

Birthed into free fall
Miracle of the moon
My heels touch the surface walking in tune

Steps like a slither
Through a plain of broken teeth
What an ugly world
What an ugly world

Never was I meant to shine in light

Why does it have to be me?

I yearn for my skin to rip in the wind
And the clouds might snatch my throat
I walk this sunless realm alone

I never asked for the burden
To make this world a better place
Still I was chosen
Not for virtue
But only might

Miracle of the moon
Turned calamity of the earth
My kin embedded in the soil
I’m not the first

I am not the one to free this earth from pain but I still remain

But I still remain

I would rather be
A vessel of its finality
Let it all return to nothing

(Miracle of the moon
Miracle of the moon)
Miracle of the moon (Miracle of the moon)
(Miracle of the moon)

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