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Vatican – I Am Above Lyrics

Lyrics I Am Above – Vatican

Will the morning ever wake me from this horror?
Twitching veins pulling me to the surface of my sleep

What choice did I have?
When you stood between me
And the gates that lead to my peace
I’m lost among the meek

Only seconds time
My duality and hesitation is defeat

But you’re the flinch in my swing (Swing)

I am above your affinity to burn
All your ripe and callous words
Twist like thin wrists under pressure
I resist the regressor

All your ways are numb to me
What irrelevant filth to be
If the pain is worth my peace
Bring me the vast infinity (Infinity)

Only strength will shape the world
Holy power re-emerged
Protector, you need my patronage to control the burn

Pennies hide your eyes
God damn flies
Rotting tongue to choke out all your cries

I open the door
I hear a song
I open the door
And I hear a song

What choice did I have? (I hear a song)
Was it worth the cost? (I hear a song)

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