tobi lou – Hurry-Up Offense Lyrics

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tobi lou – Hurry-Up Offense Lyrics


Ain’t nobody heard from me, now they all worry
I leave the top off, I’m in a hurry
I’m in a, I’m in a, I’m in a, I’m in a hurry up, I’m in a hurry

I know I’m nice, you ain’t gotta admit it
Fuck all that hatin’ you sound like a critic
That boy be snitchin’ like playin’ quidditch
Please, do not park there or you’ll get a ticket
Just yesterday she found out I existed
I used to love her but now I’m indifferent
Now I’m efficient, now I just get it
I’ll get you off like you just got acquitted (I’ll get you off like you just got acquitted)
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah (Yeah)
Ayy, case closed
If I had money like Bezos
I’d put the whole damn world on my payroll (Yeah, yeah)
I wanna buy you a Tesla (Mm-hmm)
I’ll make it come with the extras (Yeah)
I’m on the top rope like a wrestler
‘Bout to jump off on whoever, fuck ’em up
Yeah, yeah, ooh, woo-ooh, woo-ooh
You skatin’ on thin ice, baby (Yeah)
I’m comin’, just sit tight, baby (I got you, oh yeah)
Yeah, I got you (Yeah, I got you)

Ain’t nobody heard from me
Now they all worried
I love to talk but I’m in a hurry
I’m in a, I’m in a, I’m in a (Hurry up)
I’m in a (Hurry)

Hurry-up offense
Fuck all that nonsense
Two-minute drill, you gettin’ killed
I’m a soldier in the field
Bitch, I feel like Justin Fields
I feel like I’m on a pill
She not tall, she got on heels
Put her on a dollar bill
‘Cause you the realest one ever (Ever)
Let’s get it together, I’m with it, whatever
However, whenever, I never say never
I never been fresher, I’m still gettin’ better
I put on a sweater, you know it’s that weather
I cut off the tether, I went Interstellar
I wrote you a letter, I love you forever
And ever, and ever, and ever, and ever
And ever, and ever, and ever, and ever

I love you, I love you forever, uh, yeah
I love you forever, I told you that
I love you, now I cannot hold it back
When I love you, it ain’t no goin’ back, oh
I love you but I’m gon’ need more than that
‘Cause your love and my love don’t overlap
I circle back hopin’ I don’t relapse, oh
But it’s startin’ to feel like I’m overmatched
I’m deep in the pocket like quarterbacks
I’m back on the court like a cul-de-sac, oh, uh
It’s startin’ to feel like you so detached
I’m deep in a bottle of cognac
Just tell me that you do now want me, back, oh, oh, oh
You tearin’ apart all my cardiac
I’m startin’ to feel like a heart attack, oh, oh
Run it back, run it back

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