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Home ยป Thundercat – Satellite lyrics

Thundercat – Satellite lyrics

  • Pop

Thundercat – Satellite lyrics

(ft. Genevieve Artadi & Louis Cole)

If I could fly, I’d stay in the sky
And never come down for no one or nothing
My wings would be huge, I’d take off to space
To play in the stars, even though they’re far
Nothing would stop me, I could see for miles
To endless planets, distant galaxies
No stress, no strife, just peace of mind
No pain, no fear, everything so clear
Space breeze, space breeze
Solar flares, solar flares
Everything’s gonna be alright, alright, alright, alright
Everything’s gonna be

(Genevieve Artadi)
I could just fade out into silence
Let worlds go by and sleep through the whole thing
I could burn bright, explode into light
And watch worlds go by, I miss the green one
Understanding why

(from Insecure soundtrack)

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