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THROWN – fast forward lyrics

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THROWN – fast forward lyrics

How can life be standing still
When everything seems to be going downhill?
How do I follow my instinct
If I don’t feel anything to begin with?
I know it may
Sound like a lie
But I can’t remember the last time
I felt alright

Let me out

This room is nothing but a prison cell
The walls are closing in
It was over before it even began
So this is where it ends?
Put a gun to my head
And fast forward since I’m destined to fail either way

Get it over with
I’ve spent too many years trying to fix myself
So you want to help?
Well, it might be too fucking late

Tell me: why should I even care?
When nothing goes my way

No ambition, no desire
No motivation or willpower
No ambition, no desire
Life is getting darker as the hole gets deeper

Get it over with

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