Tamino – Fascination Lyrics

Lyrics Fascination – Tamino

I lack the colours
Reflected in your eyes
When you look up to the sky
To me they don’t seem to appear

And I didn’t cry
For that flamingo stuck in salt
Didn’t care for it at all
While you, you couldn’t hold your tears

Your fascination
Has always fascinated me
You make it harder to believe
That I was ever really here

I try not to understand
Just try not to understand

For I’ve seen enough
To know where I belong
And you can’t prove me wrong, no

Those modest sayings
That mean so much to you
With me they’ve never gotten through
I’ve always needed bigger words

But none of your colours
Can be found within the lines
Of the pages I made mine
And the more we drift apart
The more they start to blur

I tried not to understand
Just tried not to understand

I’ve seen enough
To know where I belong
And there you prove me wrong
For when I recall
All the nights that we have lost
Waking in your love
I cry
I cry

Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh

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