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Album: 2.0 (2021)

JLS - Glow lyrics

JLS – Glow lyrics

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JLS – Glow lyrics By my side, you’re fighting even when it’s not your warYou keep me breathing when I thought I might just lose it allLike, when you say okay, I know you better,… Read More »JLS – Glow lyrics

JLS - DNA lyrics

JLS – DNA lyrics

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JLS – DNA lyrics EverydayStronger than yesterdayIt’s in your DNAYou’re gonna find the way Everything is gonna be alrightYou know you got thisGo ahead and take your timeTrust that you got this We all know… Read More »JLS – DNA lyrics

JLS - Tango lyrics

JLS – Tango lyrics

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JLS – Tango lyrics Forget what you heardI’ma have you hanging on every wordYou gon’ get servedI’ma give you everything you deserveDo not disturbHand on your waist, I got you in reverseWe dip and we… Read More »JLS – Tango lyrics