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Skillibeng – Powerful Lyrics

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Skillibeng – Powerful Lyrics

Oh, oh, ayy
Ayy, Rvssian

We so powerful
I am legend, pursue my happiness
I’ve been prominent, ain’t no accident
I’m so confident, ain’t nobody ‘pon mi level

If yuh ask now, dem will tell yuh
Eastsyde feature biter than Beasles
Yuh know mi a star from mi eleven
Nuh sekkle, mi ah bet yuh big heads haffi welcome
Calinians, firemens
Latency year dem, but where dem is near endin’
Bay trendin’, but nah see trend settin’ (Woah)
Eastsyde is aimin’ for excellence
Well wealthy heavenly pleasance supremacy
Shub mi gun inna eediat chin
Buss it fa yuh skull, di shot dem exitin’
Wi lock eh city ah gods, wi ah reap di benefits enemy
Only know fi be fuckin’ Pedigist
(Yeah, loyalty) Loyalty isn’t for everyone
Deadly ah fi know
Ah benefit mek yuh drop
When yuh irrelevant, dem waan yuh relevant
Suh mi regular, people live where wi at
Don’t ask for any help, wait ’til mi help miself
Dem seh mi selfish, suh petty yet
Lesson tek, talk myself excellence (Excellence)
Very skeptic with friendship, yes, envy will mess wid
Suh many fail to me, di resume standard
In any way, fren wi hate tru yuh pass di subject
Weh dem fail, mi nuh penny weight
Get dis straight, greatness is neva great
Greater dan any fame (Any fame, woah)
Stay pon top every day (Every day, woah)
Eastsyde is neva scared
Even not lose fi dem celebrate (Mhm, oh)
When yuh powerful
Yuh see dem draw near
Buy a car there an’ bet bad man start there
Buy a cart here an’ dem come tun false hair
Don’t be doubtful
Dat dem waan hear
Stoop to dem level, dem happy
Surpass dem, ah yuh tun target
Nuh have nuh time fi nobody ah ramp wid mi energy
Been through this whole heap, ayy
Yuh know yuhself already, ah yuh d’even gon’ say
Mi nuh fraid ah bwoy

We so powerful
Legend, pursue Jah happiness
Prominent, ain’t no accident
Confident, ain’t nobody ‘pon mi level

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