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Home ยป Pecos & The Rooftops – Time For Wine Lyrics

Pecos & The Rooftops – Time For Wine Lyrics

Lyrics Time For Wine – Pecos & The Rooftops

She ain’t got time for wine, another sleepless night
Lying next to a stranger, she don’t know in the light
How many lonely souls, have come to stay and go
Taking all of the pieces, that keep her broken heart whole
And she can’t take another waste of space, another waster of time

Monday’s a cabernet, not many words to say
She’s still hunger from a weekend heartache
How many people claim their loves a burning fame
That they happened to find, at the right time
She’ll get sad when she thinks about what she can’t have

She remembers when she was so in love
Just to be told that she wasn’t enough
For a young man who, who didn’t even know
What he wanted, what he wanted to hold
She take’s the blame and she lives in doubt, cause I let her down

I never cared much for what others think
She’s sweet to me and we like to drink
It don’t take no time to not say much
When you’re making up for a broken love
And it’s a waste of time and a waste of space, that can’t be replaced

Now our ship has sailed into this storm forever
We tear each other apart to put ourselves together
Love is lost these days as we get older
We lose all our chances to start all over
All the wine can’t make up for all the time

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