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M Huncho – Daily Duppy Lyrics

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  • May 16, 2022May 16, 2022

Lyrics Daily Duppy – M Huncho

(Part 1)

Quincy, tell ’em

I found out that I’m too different
And being different made me do things different
Brother doesn’t know the streets, neither does my sister
How we so close but we’re still so distant?
Difficulties came through, so did the resilience
Call me what you want, it doesn’t take away my brilliance
Beautiful face but I think her heart is hideous
Bag a brick by eye, it a ain’t talent, it’s experience
I’m still in the ends screamin’, “Free the Palestinians”
Father done his best, I guess
He thought me some obedience
I could take this mask off and blend in, chameleon
Seven hundred horses in this ride, I know a question
A shark in a sea, a shark in a aquarium
They’re still sellin’ crack, I’m still tryna sell out stadiums
I don’t have kids, but, I feel like I’m raisin’ ’em
Try give out advice, but, there’s nothin’ I can say to ’em
This Louis is from France but the hood is all Arabian
Cali came from Cali’, man, this shit ain’t Canadian
Shout out to the 6, “I’m from the 6,” that’s what I say to ’em (Brix’)
I can get you down, but, that’s me givin’ a case to them
I ain’t in a race with ’em, I’m in a race with me
Tryna level up before the old me gets a hold of me
Ask about me, man, I’m really out here locally
I don’t like human beings, I’m still out here socially
Brother, please (Uh, uh)
Overall we pull up with two straps, let’s call it “Dungaree”
You man ain’t on trap, you’re just lazy, you can’t run with me
Baby, your man’s boring, come have fun with me
I mean come have fun with us
Only thing I need is trust, only thing I need is scales
I ain’t into telling tails, I ain’t into telling fibs
Out here servin’ sedatives
Switch up with no Fentanyl
Way before the record deal, way before the MEB
Nitties going M-A-D
Police on our fuckin’ case sayin’ that we M-E-T
I know that they stopped me ’cause I am a PLC
Two on me like P-A-C, talkin’ MJ, Billie Jean
Remember me? Make sure when you give your praises, you remember me
Yes, I might be faceless, I’m still Huncholin
Everytime I pull up, they wanna make a scene
I’m just a human being, just like you
And I used to be broke, just like you
Introduction to a square really shaped my mood
And real eyes realised all the real lies
Bought so many watches but it came with no time out
Do a track with you and you forgot who’s on what side
Came to my brothers, I’ve just done a jail grind
Since it’s a journey that don’t come with road signs
I took the right turn, didn’t get no CoSign, motherfuckers

(Part 2)

Yeah, that’s Chucks
Quincy, tell ’em

Should I fly to Milan, or, go Greece for a tan?
Lines on my hand like the plan of my hand
Before the boxes, I was throwin’ jabs
Then, I went into rappin’, got paid off a hook
Call up my bro, he’s an excellent cook
If we didn’t sell drugs, then we could’ve been crooks
Widows be askin’ me, “How do I look?”
I see more numbers than telephone books
Static, I keep the mash in the jacket
All the carats like I’m feedin’ rabbits
Countin’ money just turn to a habit
Money counters, we hide from the obbo
I don’t blame the world for my sorrows
Let me give you a tip, hollow
Went to Giggs, flick the Gunna and hollows
We ain’t promised tomorrow
If I’m baggin’, can you keep it thorough?
I’m the king like I’m cousins with Walo
Steady weighin’, I’m baggin’ up Marlon
Came from nothing but bricks, all the stardom
And I couldn’t fathom the shit we achieved, you dig?
Searchin’ for gold in this dirt, I dig
They didn’t show me love, huh, I figured
Mill’ in the bank, seven figures, fuel in my tank
Now I’m revin’, foot on the gas
And exclude me in that video, is it true?
And even if it was, what does it change?
Still the same Mo’ from that Kilburn estate
Stil the same M, you get M’d for a five
Still the same M that put in all the grind
Still the same M and I made me a M
Still the same wap that I borrowed my friend
Huncho the wizard
Climbed up a mountain, then, I turn my wrist to a blizzard
Handle the heat and got Ramsey with me in the kitchen
Spent eighty on glass, I guess it was part of the vision
I’m different, there’s a reason I’ve been so distant
Got ice from the T, this ain’t no Lipton
Water on me, ain’t no Christian, uh
Made it all happen, no wishin’
Uh-uh, Huncho the wizard

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