Lil Poppa – The Wire Lyrics

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Lil Poppa – The Wire Lyrics

Ayo Tavio, that shit go hard
Ay, Woodz

(Jdot Breezy)
They tryna give my nigga life, shit, I just gave the lawyer 10
No pot to piss, now I’m the shit a nigga playing with them bands
I do it off the love, feel like my nigga life inside my hands
Can’t let him sit, he call me from the jail say, “Bro, I got a plan”
What they going for, get 3 P’s and send ’em to my mans
Just power up don’t ever go back down, just thank me in advance
If I fall, you gotta catch my slack, the ball inside your hands
Just keep it street, don’t talk to no police ’cause that would get you blammed, uh
Niggas show they bitch made, I can’t really vibe with ’em
Till the death I’m 6k, my Ku niggas, I ride with ’em
Screaming, “Fuck the other side”, ’cause everybody can die with ’em
Pull up with that hellcat and he gon’ need a hospital
Big Glock, 4 nick with a dick a make a gangster nigga tick tock
I be wit the shits, I bang the stick and make his shit lock
Bitch niggas get smashed on the ‘Gram tryna be Chris Rock
Hit ’em in his head with that fye and watch his shit drop

(Lil Poppa)
Been on ‘Wock for ’bout a week now (For ’bout a week now), still taste tris (Still taste tris)
She been eating cock for ’bout a week (For ’bout a week), bet the bitch still taste dick (Uh)
Them niggas ain’t stepping on it good enough, they still taste Fent’ (They still taste Fent’)
Ain’t gotta kill him, he might take a Perc and die from the bitch (And die from the bitch)
It go 5, 4, blitz, no, I ain’t talking ’bout no hits (No, I ain’t talking ’bout no hits)
Gotta play it smooth, you know Five O listen to my shit (Five O listen to my shit)
Bruh say he cool, he gon’ sit, he want me to focus on this (Focus on that shit)
And I know long as that nigga breathing, he gon’ be a loafing bitch (He gon’ be a loafing bitch)
Okay, my head a gold trophy, get this token and you rich (Rich)
My niggas still got cases open, we just hoping they dismissed (Hoping they dismissed)
Don’t compare me to them niggas, I ain’t that and they ain’t this (I ain’t that and they ain’t this)
Real evergreen baby, ask Chi Chi, Connie, and Slick (Chi Chi, Connie, and Slick)
Don’t think I’m slipping but I’m mad ’cause them crackers took my stick (‘Cause them crackers took my)
This year alone, I spent a bag and they keep taking all my shit (They keep taking all my shit)
Number one on they list, I ain’t bragging, bitch, I’m pissed (I ain’t bragging, bitch, I’m pissed)
They mad a street nigga, having feel like Boosie and Savage back in ’06 (’06)
This nigga I’m with, he don’t miss (No), fuck the chance, we take the risk
Seen pots and pans make a brick, I seen my mans take his lick
(I seen my mans take his lick)
Spent ’bout a band on this kit (A band on this kit), two hundred for the extra clips (Two hundred for the extra clips)
The pints cheap, we take a trip (We take a trip) the ice sweet take a sip (The ice sweet take a sip)
I might be on a pill (I might be on a pill), youngin shoot like Spike Lee behind the film (Spike Lee behind the film)
Say he a ghost, you barely see him, that’s like me on the real (That’s like me on the real)
That’s like Leek on a drill, aye, what’s the tab, I pay the bill (I pay the bill)
Wonder what God say when hear niggas pray before they kill (When hear niggas pray before)

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