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Kevin Gates – Ups And Downs Lyrics

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Lyrics Ups And Downs – Kevin Gates

I’m fed up
I ain’t got no more energy to give these old bitch-ass niggas
You heard me?
These niggas build fake cases
Here, take the money since you feel like it’s better than my friendship, you heard me?
I’m pressure

God, forgive me for my sins
I should’ve built a house of worship, I went bought a Benz (I lost)
On whom should I depend?
My Muslim brother lied about me bad (Uh)
Said I got with Mark and did a deal behind his back
My heart, I’ve been stabbed (Ooh), here’s a hundred grand (Yeah)
When you run through that, make sure you remember who I am
Partners pocket-watchin’ make me hate to rock my watches (Bling, blaow)
Just because we partners don’t mean that your hand go in my pockets (Bling, blaow)
Go put the opps on my spots when you gossip ’bout me (Bitch)
I’m out my body, nigga, try me, booka-booka-blaow me (Bitch)
Step outside the room and you wishin’ the walls could talk (I do)
Surrounded by these dues, but you feelin’ like somethin’ off (I knew)
You know you love your bitch, but you need a lil’ more excitement
You like to do the shit that could probably get you indicted
Cold slut from off of Highland, shovin’ dick in her body (Ooh)
In the trap with a strap while you juugin’ narcotics

Ups and downs, fell off a lot, and then I came up (Ooh)
Since a child, they been tryna get my brains bust
I made mistakes, to God, I pray I never changed up
They sit in barber shops and try to fuck my name up (Pussy)
Take the energy they deal and keep it pushin’
Don’t need to tell a pussy, “You not pussy,” niggas pussy
Take the energy they deal and keep it pushin’ (Yeah)
Don’t need to tell a pussy, “You not pussy,” niggas pussy (Pussy)

Ups and downs, fell off a lot, and then I came up (Up)
Got my chain jumpin’, jumped inside a Range truck
Black on black, my F-250, you can’t see the emblems
Windows tinted, slip through in it, you can’t see who in it (Peek-a-boo)
Change perspective, life a blessing, I’m just reminiscin’ (For real)
Last year, I would’ve blew my brains out at any minute
Shout out to the ugly hoes, love it when I floss (Shout out)
All of them a loss, caught up in a tug of war (Damn)
People I have helped, they want bullets in my dome (Grr)
God prepared the table for me, cut from a different cloth (Man down)
Cut up, it’s gon’ cost, get him, get stripes for a junkie (Uh-uh)
Flunkies payin’ flunkies to go and murder a flunky
You know you reap what you sow and that shit cold (That shit cold)
Knew the burners was on, I just had to touch the stove (Shit)
When you go inside the freezer, ice cubes smell like cologne
That mean someone was at your house when you was not at home, yeah

Man, I swear to God
You get out of line, I’ma put your ante up, you heard me?
Know what I’m saying, nigga?
And y’all done been around me, y’all done been in a car with me
Love my swag, love how I talk
Mannerisms, demeanor, everything
Yeah, man
Come on, y’all know I keep that godfather in full effect
I pull up solo by myself
I’ll put you up in this bitch, man
Come on, man, niggas just be talkin’ dick

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