K CAMP – Lead From the Heart Lyrics

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Lyrics Lead From the Heart – K CAMP

But you got me feeling like the Queen of Spades
A mirage into your heart that fades
Deja-vu inside your mind that stays, yeah
RARE Sound
I, I remember every word you said
Like you meant all, but it’s all just a dream
And I gave everything
Now I’m left holding on to the memories of us

Shit been gettin’ distant
Shit been seemin’ different
Vibes inconsistent
That don’t stop the mission
Power of the tongue
Speak it in existence
Power of a god
I’m a definition
Lead with the heart (Heart)
Speak with from the soul (Soul)
I can tell you switchin’ (Gotta let you go)
Mmm-mmm, gotta let you go

Mistakes I done made a lot, you’d be surprise what a risk take (Ha, ha, ha, ha)
I done took a lot, don’t be surprised when I switch states
Switching up my vibe, I feel alive, this ain’t clickbait
I done been through hell, you’d be surprised what this shit take (Ha)
I can feel the energy, just hope that you don’t change on me
It’s a sunny day, but swear to god, I still feel rain on me
Heartbreak on my face, ’cause all these years, I put that pain on me
Nine sixteenth, 2012, you left a stain on me
Teach me how to love ’cause it get complicated
All that love I show to niggas (Ha), when do I get compensated? (Ha)
I get in my feelings, then go ghost and get intoxicated
All that pressure they put on my back, you know I dominate it
This the last lap and I can’t wait ’till I get free (Free)
This the last lap, don’t play for I, I play for we (We)
It been blurry for some years, now finally I can see (Come on)
I did what was best for others, now I do what’s best for me

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