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Joey Trap – FLASH lyrics

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Joey Trap – FLASH lyrics

Ahh, bitch I’m feeling like the H to the izzay, bad to the bizzone
Ask any questions, you get mags out the chrizome
Ass out ya shorty, wanna dance with the stick on
I smash then I’m done, I call an Uber, send that bitch home
Hot nigga, I thought I was born in like ’88
I’m on the block with the .30, and .40, I call it drake, uh
Mask on way before virus’s changed the fate
But I’m back on the thuggin’, but niggas just can’t relate, look
I ain’t go to fashion week, still look like a fashion show
Shawty tryna smash and tweak, tell her I can’t smash a ho
I be out here buggin’, see the police, said I had to go
I get stomach aches when I see red and blue, it’s sad fasho
Ahh, but I know that you niggas wan’ be just like me
So stop it, you’ll never be me, it just isn’t likely
Ridin’, I think I’ma stepper, we in this Nike
I’m stylin’, I’m sorry, I know I look like a hype beast
Haha, it’s the Bape ain’t it?
You is mad ’cause yo shit is fake ain’t it?
That ain’t a real gun, that shit is fake, aim it
Niggas mad ’cause they really still hatin’
Anyways, I do the dash
I be chilling ’cause I’m really countin’ up this cash
I’m a villain, but I got the same powers as Flash
What would you do if you knew that you could run this fast?

Haha, I just run up bands
I just run up bands
I just run up bands

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