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Home » Jay Worthy & Larry June – Leave It Up To Me Lyrics

Jay Worthy & Larry June – Leave It Up To Me Lyrics

Jay Worthy & Larry June – Leave It Up To Me Lyrics

(Jay Worthy)
Leave it up to you, a nigga be broke
I wouldn’t have no motherfuckin’ Wocky to pour
I wouldn’t own a GS and a mini condo
I had to switch my hustle up ’cause rappin’ pay more
Advancement into streamin’ like I had five hoes
‘Cause the stress, it was eatin’ me alive, no doubt
Turned out fucked up and nearly burned down my house
Started sellin’ weaves and that’s with Freeway Rick
It felt good makin’ a hundred K all legit
It felt good when I told the homies no more licks
Gotta watch my back, put my ho on the strip
Road trip after trip, I’m like, “One more brick”
But fuck that, I done really changed my life for the better
Balenciaga jacket, no more Polo sweater
Ain’t seen a winter in years like I travel for pleasure
It’s Worthy

(Larry June)
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
Uh, numbers, math
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy

(Larry June)
White tee smellin’ like coke fumes from the kitchen
Hit the road in the rain, help me blend in in it
No pain, no gain, so we took them risks
I’m paranoid when I stay at the crib, I’m out the way with the bitch
Palms itchin’, mind racin’
Dope dealin’, niggas tellin’
Pillowcase hold the shells from the MAC 11
Way before this rap shit, we was livin’ reckless
Art pieces on my walls, sentimental value
I’ve invested in myself, took a lot of chances
Store fronts in the city, movin’ calculated
Twenty-four karat gold in a hidden safe
But we just gettin’ started, we need more ways
Still dealin’ with some shit, can’t really explain
And when my time come, they gon’ label me great
Livin’ life fast, but makin’ a way
It’s June

(Larry June)
Uh, uh, numbers
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
Math, check me out
Numbers, yeah

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