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Fredo Bang – F*ck The World Lyrics

Lyrics F*ck The World – Fredo Bang

(Uno got the streets goin’ crazy)
(Yo, Uzi)

Came from the slums, I mean the bottom of ’em (Uh-huh)
These niggas know home I’m comin’ (Yeah)
Swing yo’ block, and crack it, yeah (Uh-huh)
These niggas die by the dust
No therapy, I’m takin’ meds (Uh-huh)
I saw my dog bloody (Okay)
Make a threat, I’ll leave them dead (Okay)
You never see me runnin’
Feel like, “Fuck the world,” I think they all want me (All want me)
Got some skeletons in my closet, and they still hungry (Still hungry)
I used to spin the bin, I still hear the sirens comin’ (Comin’)
I pop a Perc’, thinkin’ ’bout Gee, feel like I’m dyin’ from it (Okay)
Went to jail, they counted me out, felt like the ugly ducklin’ (Yeah)
I got scars on my trigger finger, I had got tired of bustin’ (Hmm)
Car [???], my mama stressin’ ’bout the lawyer money (Oh-oh)
Told the lawyer, “Be in my favor when they trial come” (Okay)
Okay, my partner left me stranded, but, I still let him in (Let him in)
Okay, I said I’m done with Percs, but, I’m still poppin’ 10s (But, I’m still poppin’ 10s)
Damn, somebody must be talkin’, them feds wan’ take me in (Take me in)
[Nicki?] had tried to give me a heart, but, I can’t love again (Okay)
Okay, I might said, “Fuck him,” but, I still love my brother (On gang)
Ain’t no woman in this world I put before my mother (Ain’t no woman in this world)
I thought [???] was my dog, he talkin’ ’bout takin’ me (Talkin’ ’bout takin’ me)
You put these hoes before yo’ partner, that shit fake to me (Okay)
A lot of people I gave love, but, they hate me (Okay)
I know some people turned they back, now, they can’t face me (Okay)
When I was down, I bet my uncle wished he helped me (Okay)
I bet my ex regret the day she ever left me (Okay)
I know Annie wish she never took a Plan B (Alright)
I bet Bruchelle wish she would’ve picked that phone more (Okay)
I know Beedie wish she never fucked my dog, huh? (Okay)
I bet you miss me when you listen to my songs, huh? (Yeah, yeah)
I used to hate yo’ guts, and you know what you did
I used to play yo’ games, won’t be yo’ fool again
Everytime Yo just call my phone, got to keep my tears in
Fuck a bond, I live my dog, I pay that bitch again
I’ma ride about my dog, and bitch, that’s ’til the end
I’m gon’ slide about my dog, and that me, I spin the bin
If I tell you that I love you, that mean we locked in
‘Cause ain’t too many in this world that you can call a friend


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