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Dubz – Bionic Lyrics

Lyrics Bionic – Dubz
(Feat. CHK)

(Intro. Producer Tag, CHK & Dubz)
Ay-yo TR go brazy on these niggas man
Flying uptown in da ride wid bae
Cos i just made alot of Moneybags so I got time today
38′ snub with no serial, its manual
If I let it bust

I just made alot of money
My nigga fresh out the wok and he’s anti
Glock full of candy (Brr)
Twin turbo German, turn my block into Gran Prix
She like I beg you put the roof back its freezing
Im flossin’ I couldn’t give a toss bout da bad B (haha)
You call da shots when you mash P’s
Cus niggas toy soldiers and da gwop get you batteries
Still pull up to dat drop in a Cat C
Hammer on me Triple G or rock it like Randy
Went down to a 400 from a 6
But I never shed a tear I flung an onion on da strip (Fuckin’ Hell)
Banging out in public It’s a slip
I had to set it in da shop and still cut out wit my crisp
Grubby looking fit, Balenci runners when I’m lit
And these B22s cost 2 monkeys and a bit
Sky-dweller water-blue and my niggas ballin’ too
It’s 11:20 but his prezzy saying quarter-to

Buy and chop it
Fly and shop it
I went and linked the plug for a diagnostics
I taught niggas to whip and they were buying solid (Buyin’ Solid)
Sitting wid ya bitch and she applied knowledge
Metal in my arm like I’m bionic
Paper in my pocket, darg I don’t like wallets
My guys on it, for the prise they might dive on it
Sky suttin’ at ya ride hit a guys bonnet
Jumped out the spaceship, parked with no steering wheel
I touch a spot and get the dark gone like Clearasil
Water in my pot you know its clear as hell
You ain’t got a worker if ya near the scale
38′ snub with no serial, it’s manual
If I let it bust then its funerals and candles (Bap-Bap)
If I let it crash, then its murals, not vandals
We ain’t beefin’ with these niggas cos these niggas tell

Before Hakka it was fat chips, salt and mayo
Juggin’ with my dargy fuck a party I ain’t no Donae’o
And If I’m slipping law from Tekken you can hold a KO
No delayo, rolling with my Young Buck; Tony Yayo
Back and forth wid da Pikey on a fisticuffs
And I remember when I never had spliff to puff
I’m depressed dat my brother saw
7 summers on a stretch got another 4

Chuck I heard you, Ah touch a curb too
All this off white but nothing’s Virgil
Wash white probably coming like it’s Persil
If I jerked you, It was never personal
Oh you wanna hurt who, tell em come and circle and their blood will curdle
Imma’ jump up like I done a hurdle
Be at home by 9, like my Bruddas curfew

I had a dings always near me
Skipped me da theory
Tenner on da sim card dis brick ain’t got SIri (Brr-Brr)
RS11 in my riz got me weary
Rips on Amiri got more kicks than Tajiri
Flying uptown in da ride wid Bae
Cos I just made a-lot of Moneybags so I got time today
If Reekz got it i ain’t gotta tuck my shine away (Boy-Boy)
Shorted sighted still I spot an undie from a mile awayy

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