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Cousin Stizz – Blessings Lyrics

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Cousin Stizz – Blessings Lyrics

Uh, yeah, yeah
Mm-hmm, uh
Keep it real with my uh-

Ayy, I keep it real with my niggas
Smarten up, they go hard just to kill it
Why pimpin’ you aren’t on your pivot (Yeah, yeah)
Kept swungin’ it formed into divots
We was armed and involved
It get jiggin’ if we show for the call (Yeah, yeah)
War heart in it, lurkin’ and doggin’, got old friends you ain’t talkin’ with, uh
Van Gogh couldn’t drew
Gotta watch every who when you blew, they bangin’ at you
Damn, the hood got you couped and it grew, feel like a noose
Proven to stand on your ten when it’s on, and solid as all
Hear my pains like I’ma be there tomorrow (Brr)
But we ain’t see ’em at all
It kills that we can’t speak ’cause you’re gone
They hate they see these niggas tryin’ to ball (Yeah, yeah)
What I peeped on that corner would get you wiped without Charmin’
From the cement, flowers done arose from the rock
Either handlin’ lines or I was movin’ exotic, we wanted cars
Feds file charges, friends turn to songs (Yeah)
The more poppin’ I get, the more this shit starts to hit
I came from walkin’ the flips and then Monopoly hit
‘Cause they ain’t stoppin’ the rent
They want us locked in the pit
Copped my momma some nice things (Yeah)
Some minks and all kinda rings (Ayy)
From rappin’ and shit
Yeah, wear it out, we ain’t out, showin’ love
Toe the line for callin’ on me cheerin’ on
Harvard, my dog got raided while the lecture goin’
We was in the trap, only thing we been livin’ on

Keep it all blessings (Yeah)
Falls turn to lessons
Far as all the stressing (Yeah)
Eyes on the message
Keep it all blessings
Scars and the test’s
Keep it all blessings

Beam me up, goin’ far see me there
Purple cough sippy cup
Frizz finna lean me up
Yeah, that’s my nigga from way back in the day
So if you play, I’ma have to back it out and then spray
That’s how we lay
I can’t say what that happened to me
To tell the truth without the booth but your name on the grave (Damn, damn)
So praise the roof, I had the juice to go and pave all them ways, uh

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