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Conjurer – Cracks In The Pyre Lyrics

Lyrics Cracks In The Pyre – Conjurer

Life drifts by
Seamless tides, once benign

Do nought but torment and remind
And, although I may try to picture you on ‘the other side’
Your grace remains just out of sight

I’m denied
The end is pure, unfettered silence
No calm, nor chaos
Regression to nothing
The “knowing” that once helped me feel alive
Fills me with spite for those who believe
You’re more than my memories, while we’re…

Stranded, helpless, abandoned
Ripped from our norm: the tranquil, the serene
Now waves threaten the precipice where I stand
Searching for peace in that hateful abyss as my
Life drifts away
Where in science, or spirit, does solace reside?
For I might leave both those shelters behind

Would I sully your memory
With a weary trudge from the shore?
Am I ceding your bones to the brine
To return to an empty shrine?
Yet I’d stand at that mound
Talk my own time away
If you know there’s no soul
Should you cherish earth and bone?

I see light up ahead
Through the cracks in the pyre
It will never reach you

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