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Chris Webby – MetaFreeverse Lyrics

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Lyrics MetaFreeverse – Chris Webby

Yeah, Webby
So it’s (2022)
Another year-of this fuckin’ bullshit huh?

I smack you right up out the Metaverse
So hit the dirt when I get to work
Try to wrap your mind around it and your head will burst
Got them cell block bars, we in Leavenworth
Come in and conquer the game, got ’em on red alert
Living through this hell on Earth that we call reality
As we’ve come accustomed to these fuckin’ abnormalities

Mandates and laws and having a fuckin’ mask on me
No one thinkin’ rationally, they lost the capacity
And as a free thinker im inevitably
Labeled a danger as they questioning my efficacy
I’m just here to say whatever I see
Stirring up a little vaccine hesitancy

Because celibacy’s just the way that I think, ’cause I don’t give a fuck
There ain’t no gender fluidity in my dick and nuts
Not saying that that’s a problem, ’cause it isn’t but
Don’t we have some more important issues to be bringin’ up?
I don’t know, coming together against a common foe?
Instead of knockin’ eachother down like we playin’ dominoes
The world economic forum, shit those fuckers gotta go
And fuck big pharma, but I like some of their products though (True)

I guess we’re all just hypocrites at least a little bit
Even if it’s something that’s y’all really ever will admit
But can we throw some self awareness on the syllabus?
And hold ourselves accountable
Hmm, well y’all consider it

I’ll call myself out right now and do it gladly
Y’all will never vax me
While I snort a thirty milly addy, and a xanny, so get at me
Say I contradict my own beliefs, yeah exactly
We all say stuff that conflicts what we do
You can say that I suck, guess what? So do you
There ain’t a perfect person that anyone’s ever knew
So I’ll point this loaded gun at your point of view

How ’bout the kids these days, always holdin’ those phones
Like I’m not level thirty, not on Pokemon Go
I’m a hypocrite, so let me say it again
I just smoked a couple boagies on the way to the gym
Yeah, I live like a heathen
God’s someone I don’t really believe in
But ask for his help when I got a reason
Put up fifty grand last year to protect the animals in an African region, but I’m not a vegan (Sorry)
Shit I love a good burger, don’t blame me (Don’t)
Even climate change can’t change me (No)
2022 new year, same me, same motherfuckin’ gang baby, EightyHD
Keep the flow fresh while the critics pick apart
Every single word that don’t align with what they say is art
Fuck a music chart, my music already made a mark
I’m Megalodon, y’all do-do-do baby shark

So pull ’em up, go and show my stats
All these years that I’ve been grindin’ ’til I broke my back
My words spark reaction, shout out to No Life Shaq
Haters chirp and I don’t write back
I’mma take over the map, Connecticut to Iraq
Shit I’m running for the office of presidency of rap
Kissin’ babies, shakin’ hands like an Nintendo rumble pack
Fuck the competition, never cut ’em slack

Yeah I cook ’em up like Artie Bucco
And serve ’em with [???]
Pushin’ all the snakes out my circle, I keep it sumo
Do not come around if your deficiency’s immuno
I’m the sickest motherfucker you know
Playin’ every card in my hand ’til I’m yellin’ Uno
Not a source of news but all I say is truth though
Let’s go Brandon, yell it from the roof, yo

Shout to my Canadian fans, but fuck Trudeau
I’m Cujo, and you could never tie me on a leash
I’m that shadow banned bandit, they can’t silence what I speak
Fuck a tyrant, I’m a beast
I’m a giant, hit the sirens when I slide up on the beats
Then like ivy on the trees, see them numbers rowing up, and all without a deal

Living proof that there gon’ always be a market for the real
Motherfuck the algorithms tryna target how you feel
Fuck your partisan arguments, I’m the hardest on the field
And I hit another three pointer from the half-court
Nothin’ but some net, I don’t even hit the backboard
Rap game vet, here to give ’em what they ask for
’til I get whacked by CIA task force
‘Cause they know the way I flip on whacks
And kill all rappers, yeah I never miss on that
Wednesday before last but we still on track
It’s (2022) bitch, Webby Wednesdays back

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