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Chief Keef – Something Im Best At Lyrics

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Chief Keef – Something Im Best At Lyrics

Granny always used to get mad at me
Fiends be knockin’ on her front door
I was in the hood sellin’ crack, cocaine
You was in the hood jumpin’ jump rope
The bitch asked for love, I told her “Fuck no!”
Pussy wanna zip, it’s 6 huncho
Ridin’ Lamborghini like AJ rolled a Bronco
Boy, you’s a bitch, hit some canto
I break a bitch from a heart broke
She ringin’ on my phone, I’m not a barcode
I’m smokin’ on gas like an Arco
I’m the inspo long live big bro
I knew that she was fuckin’ from the get-go
She already know I’m a real nigga though (Huh)
She all on me like I’m an enveloppe
She say my dick long like a centipede (‘pede)
You know I got that .45 with lemon squeeze (Poh)
You know this belt came straight from Italy (Bang bang bang)
I be gettin’ bills like I’m Hillary (Gang gang gang)
Big bro took me on a killing spree (Gang gang gang)
Even when I’m gone they gon’ remember me (Huh)
Baby shakin’ ass, it don’t excite me (Huh)
Nigga want my eyes just so he can see what I see (Huh)
Baby, I’m the G.O.A.T. so my son gon’ be just like me (On Gang)
You should be my son ’cause you wanna be just like me
Urus outside the crib, can’t see a wifey (Huh)
Denims that I’m wearin’, man, them shits be pricy
Baby went down and came up like she hiking
Cops pulled me over, told me to show them my license
Watch and my chain steady kung-fu fightin’ (Hiah)
So many names, baby, we gon’ need hyphens (Huh huh)
I can’t fuck if you don’t take care of your hygiene (Hiah)
Baby pulled up, she was wet like a high dream
Pulled out the dope and the bitch got the hypin’ (Hiah)
You don’t want clout, you really love me, bitch, you righteous
Back back bitch so I can give you an air kiss (Muah)
Baby wrote “I Love You” in the sand and I smeared it
Gotta leave something that my kids can inherit (Can inherit)
I can see the vision in the tunnel like Harriet
Nigga, shut your beak, you be talkin’ like a parriot (Shut up)
Baby momma got mad, the bitch tryna air me
She be tryna air me so much, I call her “Air lift” (Bitch)
Baby, I’m so fly you might see me on an airstrip (Yoon yoon)
Can’t see me, she said she was goin’ on a girls strip
Told that bitch “Choose” ’cause I hate it when the girls trip
I’ma be chillin’ on the spot when the world end (Huh)
Baby, when the world end, I’ma have a girlfriend
Have that bitch wetter than a motherfuckin’ water pool
Have that bitch wetter than a motherfuckin’ polar pool
Lookin’ for that bad bitch that I fucked in the summer school (Huh)
Fuck that I’m trippin’, man, I’m gonna find some’ new
‘Fore you play with me, pussy, go and find some’ to do
Run up on me, boy, bone, don’t front your move
Move to the suburbs, belong in the jungle
Nigga, play with us and we beat ’em like a Congo
I think I drank too much, ooh girl, I’m hangover
Nigga run up, baby ooh, got slumped over
Threw his ass in the sea, ooh now he Gumbo
Said she flew to LA, told her “Ooh girl, come over”
Baby lay down and ooh you know I jumped on her

I love some good Marijuana (Huh)
Smokin’ with a lil baddie, she’s from Arizona (Huh)
I was in the Watertower, stealing Abercrombie
Call me “OJ Da Juice”, bitch, I’m gettin’ money (Huh)
Chief Sosa as your dog with the balls (Balls)
Bought grandma a car, man, she gotta ball (Granny)
I’d buy a Nike store ‘fore I buy a hoe (Beep beep)
Baby, baby, I gotta go
Baby, whatchu think about me? Girl, I gotta know (Huh)
You think about me everyday up in the calendar (Duh)
My black hoes think I love white hoes (Bang)
My white hoes think I love them black ones (Wait)
I’m so bored, I should butterfly my ‘Cat doors (Yeah)
And I dropped out the school as a freshman (Yeah)
I don’t want no young niggas followin’ after me (No)
Bitch, I really had opps followin’ after me (Oh)
Boy, I really had opp bitches toppin’ me (Bang)
Time to go hoe skippity hoppity (Gang)
The bitch play, she feel the glickity glockity (Dududuh)
Don’t move bitch you practically broccoli (Dududuh)
I was smokin’ on freakily broccoli (Huh)
You don’t know girl, that’s pathically though (Though)
Nigga got caught goin’ on the show (Huh)
In the back of the Wagon he go (Go)
Took, off, in a, Lambo’, like a Jet, pack
Took off in a Lambo’ like a Jet pack
Nigga flat, shoot his ass through the nap sack
Nigga playin’ shoot him through the Gucci back pack (Huh)
Make you Fat Joe, lean back, get back
Knock you 20 steps back, that’s a minor step back (Let’s go)
Give his ass half, they like “Where the rest at?” (Let’s go)
I shoulda had named my Hellcat, a Hetchback
Foenem like “Son, let’s get to trappin’, let’s flex” (Skrt)
Started to get paid to do something I’m best at
Thinkin’ ’bout brody, wishin’ I can reset
Baby gave me head like I’m damn headset (Huh)
She hit me so much, I need to get my lick back (Huh)
My lil cousin trippin’, tell him “Bring the Glock back!”
Matter of fact, he be keepin’ it and you better pop that (Yeah)
Nigga popped at your boys, you better pop back (Bang)
Boy, I better not hear yo ass, gettin’ yo ass popped at
I got niggas up in Paris and they smokin’ opp pack
I wanted to ask pops where he put craig Glock at
Nigga hit me with a rock, I hit him with a rock back
Used to ask granny where the fuck she put my rock at (Huh)
I was always tryna house, granny couldn’t knock that
Played out some Kush pack, smellin’ like armpit (Huh)

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