Chetta – Spend My Whole Life Getting High Lyrics

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Lyrics Spend My Whole Life Getting High – Chetta

Ohh, oh, ohhh
Mhm, mhm, mhm

Yeah, bitch
What’s happening?
I spend my money on me
I know lil shawty
She fucking for free I’m off the top
Like I cut up a tree
Napping on me
I’m still payed
In my sleep hoe
Why my block hotter
Than mink coats
I need that rari
That scream go
I got v-12s
I want big smoke
Tell ya bitch tap in
Murder on site
Why you acting
All up in the front
And the back end
Baby, I need mine
So we taxing
Hit you with that keltec
Back bend
$licky chop it up
Like a mac-10
We be popping pills
Let me go in
Chrome heart jeans
With the big sig (Ahh)

Ohh, oh, ohhh
Mhm, mhm, mhm

Just waiting to die
Spend my whole life getting high
Came out of hell
It’s a hell of a time
My Lil Woe
Say he ready to slide
Hit you with iron
Don’t even know why
I be wasting my time
On all of the sly
I’m pulling ya card
If you wanna ride
Which high do i want
It’s hard to decide, yeah, yeah
Tell that hoe tap in
Heart so cold
Been frostbit, ah
Tryna get it popping
Two two three
Make a head spin ahh
Baby ima savage
Say my name shawty, I’m valid
You can’t come around that’s tragic
I ain’t never lacking, no cadi, yeah, yeah

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