Butcher Brown – Liquid Light Lyrics

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Lyrics Liquid Light – Butcher Brown

Triple Trelian with the talent that’s heaven sent
You just maad cuz you weak and maad irrelevant
For the goal you can call me mister hell bent
Need the dollar bill duckets just to pay the rent

When they call tell em naw need the paper right
If you a homie you a homie ain’t no in between
Green and red finna have myself a good night
Whole team fresh and clean when we on the scene

Talkin’ bout me but all yo shit is wack tho
Runway Butcher Brown finna take flight
Nigga I see you flexin’ but it’s all cap tho
Lock it up keep the squad number air tight

Will fight for the right to turn it up loud
I’m just out here tryna make my momma daddy proud
Lil bro got the sketch with the insight
Gotta use every weapon for the paper right

Money money money
Gotta grind with the spark if you want the milk and honey
Late nights in the park with the J got me dummy
93 with out the paper ain’t a damn thing funny

Outlandish words from country side burbs
Take the shit and we flip it to profits absurd
RVA Shit we treacherous homie you heard
Mail dictionary I be bringin’ the word

Bringin’ the heat to the speakers in the street
Gotcha whole head bang in’ while you movin’ your feet
Got the situation on ellebum thousand
Team strong in the city while you just browsin’

Whack sucks fuck shit something we not allowin’
Infrared 6’s fresh for the Sunday outing
Straight through the obstacles don’t need no re-routin
Full steam even after money start pilinnnnnn

Me neva eva eva gonna stop
Rockin’ hip-hop mix it up wit Jazz, soul and rock
And some otha shit
Songs I heard while sleepin’ on the train speeding through the country in France in the rain

Finna cop a new trumpet whip and gold chain
Got that beat knock that vibrate ya whole frame
They finna see me shining and they gonna know the name
Tennishu it’s Triple Trey the shit is insane

This is from the brain
Careful now it’s heating up
We entering the fast lane
Here we go

Where the lighter? Start the show
Remember if it’s no check then I gotta go
Black RoB I want the dollar bill like whoa
Don’t cha know

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