Bryde – Epilogue Lyrics

Lyrics Epilogue – Bryde

I wanted you to call me baby
I wanted you to know my crazy world
Cos when i pulled you into it
I felt every movement
Every hair i have unfurled

I wanna be there in your wildest dreams
But I’m in joggers you’re in three day jeans
I want to hide in your closet
Put notes in your pocket
sew my self into your seams

And I know you believe me
I don’t fall that easy
Just ask anyone I know
They’re always rolling your eyes at me
But I want someone who makes me happy

And it’s not like I think you’re always right
About everything or all the time
But I like to believe, coincidence means
Somehow our stars are all aligned
And I could breathe under water
Grow two inches taller,
when you look at me like that
I just want to make you happy
Just like the moment makes you happy.

And the beat goes
On and anon it feels right it feels wrong
When you’re gone I am gone to the other side
Now I belong to the stars, to the sun
Don’t have too much fun here without me, no.

I want to take you to a Phoebe show
And watch you well up at the saddest notes
I want your daughter to like me,
To stand there beside me
As you fumble with your phone

And we’re like Laurel and Hardy
Or something more Gen Z
You grew up in semi-tones
And I just want to make you happy
To be someone who made you happy
And the beat goes on

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