Brent Faiyaz – SKIT: OBLIVION Lyrics

Lyrics SKIT: OBLIVION – Brent Faiyaz

(Skit. Brent Faiyaz & Woman)
Ayy, my man, you can put that privacy window out? Thank you
I’m tryna have some more fun with you
Well, the night ain’t over yet, you wanna ask your driver to make a detour?
Nah, it’s cool. Pass me that bottle though?
Yeah, here
Thank you. Damn, I’m drunk as shit
Ha, ha
Aight, there we go, you want some more?
Yeah, but just a little bit
Ah, you lightweight
Oh my god, shut up
Damn, you made me spill my shit again
Ha, ha, that’s what you get
Hol’ on, lemme down this shit
You gon’ pass out before you even get to the airport
Hell, yeah
Damn, who blowin my shit up, yo? Ah, shit
Who is it?
It’s my bitch
She prolly saw us on the red carpet tonight
Shit, I don’t know
It’s not a big deal anyway, it ain’t like y’all got a baby or nothing
You wild. Damn, I need another drink
Fuck it
Damn, I don’t wanna leave you right now
I know, I don’t wanna leave you now either, but I’ma see you again tomorrow when I get back to LA
Alright, cool
How much longer ’til we get to your hotel?
I don’t know, maybe ten minutes? How far was the hotel from the airport?
Ah, shit, about thirty
That’s all the time I need
Lemme tell him drop you off after you take me to the airport
You can tell him in ten minutes
Oh, shit
Ha, ha
Lemme get that for you