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Big Havi & KyleYouMadeThat – Important lyrics

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Big Havi & KyleYouMadeThat – Important lyrics

I get in this bitch get to spazzing
my diamonds be dancing
ain’t with the lil bullshit go out like a savage
They say it’s my year at the top of the tier I ain’t drop shit yet but I’m dropping this year

I came with my brothers I ain’t come with no newbie’s I ain’t come with no groupies my Dawg’s in here
I just got a check now she giving me neck I ain’t ask her for shit she just volunteer

When I hit that lil pussy I keep that shit wet you can call me Lil Johnny on God I be testing
I be closing my eyes when she topping me off like she giving a sermon On God it’s a blessing

She be like aye Havi “shh shh don’t talk” ok imma listen I follow you walk (UGHH)

I got that drip in my walk that baccarat got her she know ima boss (UGHH)

I got that drip my walk put them diamonds in my teeth she love when I floss (UGHH)

I got the drip in my walk got the game in control you can hear when I talk (UGHH)

I got the drip in my walk bout to power up on em I’m finna take off

I’m having the time of my life with yo mf**kin wife what a hell of a night (UGHH)

Shawty say she wanna come ride with a playa she say you hit just like a dyke (UGHH)

I had to get in my mf**kin bag had to show a young man how to move
Just might have to whoop one these lil niggas ass and tell em go clean that room

And wash all the dishes y’all acting like bitches I really done came from them trenches let’s get it

Ha! Bitch I’m so hot!
Bitch I’m the shit and you really is not

Huh, yeah! Bitch I’m so hot!
I turn a good girl to a thot

Huh, yeah! Huh, please?!
This shit ain’t nothin
I thought them niggas was sleeping or something

So . We creeping or something

Young niggas loaded and toting and packing
Eat up a beat like I’m mf**kin PacMan

Ya favorite rapper ass, put it in a trash can
I’m on they ass nigga I’m having

Back in my bag no Steve Madden
Big big pressure lil bitch back back then

Take a Nigga off like Nigga what happen
If he running his mouth then that shit should’ve happened

Ion wanna talk look Gimme them back ends
Think this shit a joke like ight then Bat Man

Ight then Captain save a hoe
I’ll hit you later when I’m with ya favorite hoe

& I’ll rock ya baby put her in a cradle hoe
Like holla at you later I’m really getting paper hoe

They be like is that Havi is that the Nigga that made the 9 times out of 10 song?
Naw maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m tripping, maybe it’s the other Nigga?

Umm what that is uhh uhh i don’t even know his name


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