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Bazanji – 2022 Lyrics

Bazanji – 2022 Lyrics

Yeah yeah
We here
Let’s go

My mind been working like a mile a minute
It took a little time but I’m back to business
I’m coming all year cuz I had to finish
And the flow too sick that’s a real pandemic
Everyone dropping some mid these days
I only listen to my own sh*t these days
And as of late it be looking like a real thin line
Between jealousy and hate these days
What’s the problem
I don’t ever got one
I done paid my dues
And now I’m back to ballin’
A lotta options
I got involved in
I don’t make the rules
But I be shot callin’
I never fake it
My bank inflated
My brother just called
Like damn you made it
They busy hating
I’m stacking paper
They sold they soul
Now they friends with satan
I’m doing what I wanted when I started as a kid
And ain’t nobody thinking I would end up like this
I never been the type to get all caught up in the mix
I rather be alone spending time in the crib
Rap game looking like high school now
And everybody buying some fake views now
I ain’t ever been too scared of defeat
And my fans know imma stay ten toes down
I take a risk
I put own money up
My homies solid
And they know who I trust
These rappers cappin’ when showing me love
They calling me bro but we never met up
What’s the motive
I don’t second guess it
I been the coldest
My ice expensive
I’m in control
And that’s not to mess with
I’m climbing up
While they see the exit, yeah
2022 I’m here
Schoolboy Q I’m the man of the year
I got big plans that a man should fear
And I bet on myself got a gambling career
The conversation got my name deleted
The tables turned but I still be feeding
The haters mad they got another reason
Bazanji back for another season

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