Baby Hot & NLE Choppa – ScatPacc Lyrics

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Baby Hot & NLE Choppa – ScatPacc Lyrics

People who live in the South Memphis neighborhood didn’t want to go on camera to say last night they heard several gunshots
And then one of the shooting victims on this front porch yellin’ for someone to call 911
Now those who know the victims are looking for answers
(Ayo Lewi, turn that shit up)
(No way Hozay)

(Baby Hot)
Ayy, I hit the block in a motherfuckin’ Scat Pack (Skrrt)
Did nothin’ to it and you know it be matte black
Hundred so sharp, bitch, you know that I ain’t lack (Uh-uh)
Pull the Drac’ out my motherfuckin’ backpack
Go out to Cali’, we missin’ the action
Man, shoutout to Pooh Shiesty, he couldn’t even clap back
Nigga just need to cool down, but they cappin’
Before Lil Nine get put on the snapback

(Baby Hot)
Switch on the Glock, had to add me a 50 (A 50)
Rebound a AR, it came with some titties
Say you want smoke, nigga, come get it with me
I drop, spin the block, now they hatin’ my city
Internet niggas got me in they mentions

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