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AK – Adapt Or Die Lyrics

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AK – Adapt Or Die Lyrics

Your heart race, in a dark place
You don’t even know what’s wrong
Every day a long day
But make sure to look strong, you know they be talking
Cause when you say nothing, they take it for something
They be overthinking you, prolly more than you do
They don’t have a clue so we hint at em like Blue do
Tears fall shake em off ain’t the time for boohoo
How the fuck you’d understand if I am me and you’re you

You prolly won’t I’m aight with it
I ain’t worried where I fit in
As long as I’m putting my life in this
My message can’t die and so I win
Humility gone I ain’t hiding shit
They say wrong for it and I should bend
The way that I move to ride the trends
But how am I real if I pretend?

Okay… lemme take a look at your plate
Compare it to mine not bearing in mind
We got two different lives and that’s okay
Priorities is so different
You be focused on what you’re missing
I take pride and humble then mix it
So even I lose I didn’t
I give more to the process so the outcome
Outdoes my last work I found I’m
More prone to make progress
When the doubt comes from the outside if it’s mine then I’m done
Positive mindset fuck em all up
If they want greatness then they call us
We done played a lot of hands we know when to call bluffs
So we laugh in they face when low ball us…

And they all assume when you take a step
It’s all cause the devil’s where you sold
Your soul even though it’s your work working
They look at you and know you cold
Condition yourself not to worry bout it
They’ll never know the things you know
And that be the reason it works for you
When you try and start paving a new road

This is my not give a fuck year
Like fuck yeah
I’m up there while you stuck there
Fuck yeah
I laugh at how you mad at it
You sat back while I had at it
I fiend for it like crack addicts in 84′ I had to have it

Mom’s telling me that I need a break
Mom said put my mind in a safe
My best bet if I’m tryna be safe
But that fact that it’s not is how I’m getting paid
Now a verse is a mag every line is a bang
From the bullets that couldn’t help not let em spray
Got a lot I could say
So I drop shit and pray
For y’all to connect with the vibes I create
Cause we all can relate that’s
Big facts man we all go way back
At the end of the day we all face bad
Times nd music is our escape back
Brings us right back to the fun shit going dumb with it
From the 732 that’s the Southern Brunswick
Sounded goofy but fuck it I’mma run with it
And we never gon stop like we Forest Gumping it
And you

Got it all wrong, don’t go far so it’s easy for to run back
When it all falls
Who you gon’ call somebody who been there, done that
Better not hit my phone
Call me with no high hopes
Now you seem to care like how I used to but now I don’t

You on your own aye
I’m breaking no bread
You was the homie
Now you don’t know me
Lost all control of
Your life, you’re so dumb
I tried to warn ya
Now I give no fucks

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